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Tire Rotation Services

Periodic tire rotation prevents uneven wear and will keep your vehicle on the road longer. Our EconoLube technicians recommend servicing your tires at the intervals suggested by your manufacturer as well as routine checks for signs of irregular wear.

Reasons for Uneven Tire Wear

  • The engine is located in the front of most vehicles, putting additional weight on the front tires and causing wear.
  • Due to the pressures of steering and braking, front tires will wear down more quickly on a car with front-wheel drive. The opposite is true for vehicles with rear-wheel drive.
  • In Canada, right hand turns are the most common. This causes the outside left tire to wear as it travels greater distances over turns.
  • Tires on the right hand side are more likely to brush up against curbs, causing friction and therefore asymmetric wear to the outer side of the wheel.
  • Mechanical problems such as wheel misalignment can cause one tire to drag behind the others and cause wear.

Tire Rotation

To counter uneven wear, tires should be rotated periodically to different positions on a vehicle. This ensures that the tires wear down evenly, maintaining the tread grip and traction that provides more stability on the road. Even distribution of tire wear extends the life of your tires as well as increasing your gas mileage and improving car handling.

The typical rotation pattern is to move the front wheels to the back (and cross over) and to move the back wheels directly to the front. Some vehicles, including those with a spare tire or snow tires, will require a different pattern. Once you have started a pattern, it is important to apply it consistently during each subsequent tire rotation. We can help you switch between seasonal tires and install summer or winter tires mounted on rims.

EconoLube recommends following the manufacturer’s suggested service intervals for your vehicle, including tire rotation frequency and pattern. A tire rotation is generally recommended every 10,000-12,000km, however your tires should be rotated at the first sign of irregular wear.

Should you purchase new tires, these should always enter the rotation at the rear of the vehicle. Keeping maximal tread on the rear wheels is the safest option as it gives the driver more control when steering or braking on wet surfaces.

Further Services

In addition to tire rotation, our EconoLube technicians will inspect your vehicle for signs of improper inflation or tire pressure, wheel misalignment, and uneven wear so you can get back on the road as fast and safely as possible.

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The Tire Industry Association (TIA) advocates for tire safety and offers education and training worldwide.

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