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Power Steering Fluid Flush

Power steering fluid is an essential lubricant that needs to be maintained and serviced at regular intervals. Over time, the additives in power steering fluid deteriorate. When this happens, the system does not operate optimally, resulting in stiffness and leaks, and system failure may occur.

During a power steering fluid flush, our EconoLube technician will check your vehicle’s power steering fluid and determine whether it needs to be replaced. If it does need to be replaced, the technician will run a cleaner through the power steering system to clean up the sludge and varnish build-up. Then the old power steering fluid is flushed, the system is cleaned using a specialized cleaner and filled with new power steering fluid.

It is recommended to change your power steering fluid in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendations. If no recommendation is given in the owner’s manual, most fluid manufacturers recommend a power steering flush once per year or every 50,000 miles. It is also a good idea to do a power steering fluid flush at the same time as an engine coolant flush in order to ensure that it is done with regularity.

Let us flush your power steering fluid.

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