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Cooling System Service

Living in Alberta, we are no stranger to extreme temperature swings. Your vehicle’s engine cooling system carries heat away from the engine and maintains proper operating temperature. It does this by circulating antifreeze or coolant around the parts where heat is generated and then carrying it to the radiator to be cooled. If your vehicle’s cooling system is not working optimally, broad temperature changes can cause acid to form in your coolant and potentially cause great harm to the expensive internal components of your engine and heating system, which may result in costly repairs. A cooling system service will keep the inner components of your engine system protected, keeping you on the road.

During every full service oil change, our EconoLube technicians will check the acidity of your coolant and let you know if your cooling system requires service. If your vehicle requires a cooling system service, we will run a cleaner through the cooling system to clean out the build-up of corrosion. This cleaner will run through the entire engine system – radiator, heater core and hoses – to ensure that the system has been well cleaned.

We then flush a new antifreeze and water mixture throughout the entire system, giving it a rating of -45c. A proper amount of an antifreeze/coolant and water mixture – 60% coolant and 40% water – helps keep the engine from overheating and freezing as well as impedes corrosion and rust within the cooling system. We also check the radiator hoses for any concerns and pressure-test the radiator cap to ensure proper pressure is being held.

Let us check your cooling system.

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