Econolube and OK Tire Teaming Up to Keep Your Vehicle in Tip Top Shape

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Safety is everyone’s number one priority when they’re on the road and regular vehicle maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle mechanically sound. It also keeps your repair bills down because our team can spot issues and help you fix them before they turn into an expensive repair bill. While Econolube’s services include checking the basics like power steering fluid, transmission service, tire rotation, air filters, battery replacement and more, what happens when your vehicle requires repairs or extensive servicing?

Providing Maintenance and Repair Services

Econolube can help you maintain your car, but there are some services we prefer to leave to the experts — professionals who understand components like your brakes inside and out. For this reason, Econolube is proud to partner with OK Tire in Spruce Grove to help you keep your car in the best shape possible.

“We know what we are good at and if there is something we cannot do, we will refer you to someone who can do the work right the first time and at an affordable price,” says Assistant manager Jon Dorn.


Econolube and OK Tire Special Offers

Visit Econolube or OK Tire and you will receive special offers the next time you take your car in for servicing or repairs.

  • When you visit OK Tire, you will receive $8 off a full service oil change and $20 off any major service offered by Econolube.
  • When you visit either Econolube location in Spruce Grove, you will receive $50 off a set of tires or 10% off mechanical services at OK Tire.

“Econolube cares about their customers the same way we do, which is why we are pleased to offer these special deals,” says Scott Forsyth Owner of OK Tire Spruce Grove “We are confident that if we find a major issue with your vehicle, the crew at OK Tire will have it repaired and get you back on the road in no time.”

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